Celes Chere
Final Fantasy VI
coloured pencils -- 11.01.01

Blergh... my first coloured pencil drawing after... huh..? About 11 months. I was so very into coloured pencils, but everything changed when I got a tablet ^^;;;; Heck... I never even touched any kind of traditional medium for colouring again after I discovered the magic of Painter O_o;;; The only reason why I wanted to do a coloured pencil pic was because a friend of mine borrowed my Prismacolor coloured pencils and had just returned it today, and I felt compelled to make use of them XP~ So... I did this quick drawing... The line art was done in probably less than fifteen minutes, and the colouring took about two and a half hours. Talk about sore hands and eyes @___@;;;;;;

I was almost trembling when I did the line art *_*;;;; I've not done inking with a pen for such a looooong time I thought I've forgotten how to do it ><;; I did a lot of mistakes, but... WTH ^^;;;;;;

I swear, the drawing looks a LOT better in its original form... the scanning makes the colouring look all messed up >P~


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