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Phi - Night Elf Warrior Joy to the World The Nine Glow Turn Change January snow Pirate OCAD girl Battlefield Kyubi Kitsune Season's Greetings Valkyrie Pyreon Runic Moshi Moshi #9 cover Sit Reach Cards Petals Mermaid Long hair Mage White swimsuit Faerie Elf girl Ribbons and petals Elf girl Ponytails (collaboration art) A-G contest entry (collaboration art) Manifest mascot Fairy Softness Reflection Angel Seth Electra Deos

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Elf queen - Photoshop 7 Mystere, v.2 - Photoshop 7 Mystere - Photoshop 7 Pink summer dress - Photoshop 7. An oriental princess. Done to celebrate the site's 200k hits. A dryad. Experimenting with markers Butterfly. Photoshop 7 brush abuse XD Snow sorceress. Photoshop 7. Purple summer. Photoshop 7. Long hair pt. 2. Photoshop 7. Ivy fae. Photoshop 7. Asian woman in black. Photoshop 7 doodle. Cliff: an unfinished Photoshop 7 doodle Leon and Pris. Done for Moshi Moshi #10~ Doodle made up from the words list of 'cloak, expectant, and sea places'. For a challenge. Hopefully will get to do a finished version of this soon =] Deos. Photoshop 7. My Gaia avatar in the woods (don't ask). Quick Photoshop 7 doodle~ Elven warrior. My first coloured pencils art after a while X3; Girl with short hair. Photoshop 7. Ooh cleavage. Photoshop 7. Girl in pink satin dress... Photoshop 7 Midriffs and flared pants... X3; Photoshop 7 Kimono - Photoshop 7 Underwater mermaid - Painter 6. Might do a finished version of this later~ Priscilla and Leon Long-haired pretty blonde elf X3 Short green hair -- I love Photoshop 7 ^o^ Winter -- This be product of the freshly-updated Painter 6 (now Painter 6.0.3) =3 Portrait of a Dark Elf -- Done using the freshly-installed Photoshop 7! Woo :D Leon -- Photoshop 6 experimental doodle Broken Wings -- Painter 6 experimental doodle An attempt at linelessness... I don't think it is such a big success O_O; Elfie - Photoshop 6 experiment Blue hair - Photoshop 6 experiment Flag - gouache experiment Unfinished Pendako summoner Illustrator 9 sci-fi girl Redhead - 15 mins. quick painting Green hair - COVERED NUDITY WARNING! Painter doodle Girl with sword - Painter doodle Lady - a pencil drawing Abyss - total absentmindedness 15 mins. speed painting 15 mins. speed painting Violet - done while listening to the Savage Garden song 10 mins. speed painting Lovato - 1024x768 wallpaper Silent Prayer cast Bottle of Wine - don't ask :P Leon cutie X3 Lady in black  Mermaid Boy in Wind Arod Seftine and Malzou Xi, SD-ified Malzou - colored pencils on the wrong paper Pyreon icon X3 Valkyrie Apsylus Angel Apsylus Selene - done way back in 1997, I think

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After bath Halloween Xi Erites

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Apsylus and Pyreon Leon Inspired by E.A.P.'s The Raven Self-portrait Apsylus Apsylus, Xi, Electra, and Pyreon A mermaid Deos and Seth Apsylus, Xi, Electra, and Pyreon Spirits Deos Pyreon Xi Apsylus Apsylus and Xi Pyreon A girl Xi Xi

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