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Advent Children Cloud Locke and Celes - FFVI Artea - Lufia II Yuna - FFX-2 Sephiroth - Kingdom Hearts Ashley and Sydney - Vagrant Story Terra - FF VI Sephiroth - FF VII Sharon - Suikoden III Sephiroth (collaboration art) Geddoe - Suikoden III Seph and Vincent Cosmo Canyon Ragnarok Online Sydney Rikku (collaboration art) Terra and Celes Yuna Locke Aeris Fou-Lu Celes

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Terra, done with markers. Not so much a 'junk', but I'm being extremely lazy and don't feel like making a thumbnail. Done at Animania 2004. Unfinished KOS-MOS collab, line art by o_8. FFVII:AC Cloud. Manual inking, will soon be manually colored too =3 Retro Zelda. More Photoshop 7 doodle~~ Yuber - Suikoden 3. Photoshop 7 doodle~ Verona, my PSO hunter =3 Work in progress... perhaps forever XD;; KOS-MOS - quick Painter doodle Professor Gast from FF VII - a.k.a. random balding professor with glasses Chris - Suikoden III Mullenkamp Sydney+Hardin Shin - Suikoden II Garr Kelvin - ToD Princess Zelda Rinoa Sephiroth :D

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ashley - vagrant story hugo - suikoden iii sydney - vagrant story locke - final fantasy vi ryu - breath of fire iv terra - final fantasy vi vincent - final fantasy vii link - legend of zelda jowy - suikoden ii';return true fou-lu - breath of fire iv stallion - suikoden sydney - vagrant story sydney - vagrant story saria - zelda 64

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Seed Sydney Gremio and Hero McDohl Camus and Miklotov Cloud Shiva Jowy and Hero Sydney Sydney (collaboration art) Elly Kuja FF VII characters Terra Link and Princess Zelda Squall, Rinoa, and Seifer Aeris Rydia Locke & Celes Celes Link and Saria Malon Camus Angela, Riesz, and Hawkeye Schala & Magus Nina Artea

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